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Forex Trading Journal: FX Trade Log For Currency Market Trading (Forex Charts Design) (180 pages) (8.5 x 11 Large)

Forex Trading Journal: FX Trade Log For Currency Market Trading (Forex Charts Design) (180 pages) (8.5 x 11 Large)

Pelloa Journals

180-page 8.5x11 inch Forex trading log and trading journal for foreign currency traders.

Successful Forex traders create and refine clearly defined trade entry and trade management rules for trading. This forex journal is a simple, convenient place to record the specific details of your trading methodology, goals, and trade history.

By writing and regularly reviewing your own specific rules of engagement and past trades, you will be able to refine and reinforce your trading methods and trading psychology. Reduce risk and improve your chances of success, whether you're a long term trader, swing trader, day trader, or pip scalper.

Each log page has room for 7 complete trades. In addition to all the important data such as date, time, currency pair, lot size, entry and exit prices, profit/loss, etc., there are additional boxes for trade set-up notes and general trade notes. In this way, it is possible to review the circumstances of each trade.

Includes sections for:

  • Trading Rules
  • Trading Goals
  • Trading Log








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