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5 Simple Rules to Make Money With Forex Trading

5 Simple Rules to Make Money With Forex Trading

Vince Cordic

Forex is one of the largest and volatile financial markets in the world. Millions of people trade currencies day-in and day-out. The sad fact is roughly 99% of these people also LOSE money every day.

This short course will teach you 5 simple rules you can use to greatly increase your chances of making money in the foreign exchange marketplace.

You will learn how to:

1) Choose the best currency pairs for high yield returns in short periods.
2) Use high correlation currency pairs to minimize your risk and maximize your profits.
3) Spot & avoid Forex scams that are all too common online.
4) Take advantage of Forex brokers that allow pure hedging.
5) Use sound money management to reduce your overall risk and avoid getting the dreaded "margin call".

And much more!

This book contains a complete Forex trading strategy that I use *every* day to make consistent profits. There's no fluff, no guessing and no hype - just real usable information for the average Forex trader.








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