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Forex Cheat Sheet!

Forex Cheat Sheet!

Marc Charles

How to Tap Into a Global Torrent of Cash without Risking the Family Farm by Marc Charles


Dear Entrepreneur:

You can tap into a global torrent of cash in the Forex market.

But more importantly, you don’t have to take unnecessary risks or lose the family farm.

Ironically, the big losses and ridiculous risk exposure typically occurs after a long period of winning trades.

Jon Corzine saw this first hand with MF Global. He was the CEO of MF Global. The firm lost more than $650 million in various markets recently.

Granted, these losses were not isolated in the currency or FOREX markets. But you can bet a significant portion of the portfolio was at risk in this market.

MF Global had a long winning streak of profitable trades.

At some point, without a great respect for downside risk (at all times), you become invincible. Traders (and gamblers) often believe they are invincible. No one is invincible.

So, even though this e-book is a short “cheat sheet” on making money in the Forex market, I’ll spend some time on avoiding undue risk.

My Exposure to Forex
Forex is a legitimate multi-trillion dollar global market
“But I Don’t Want to Lose Money”!
Cut the losers short and let the winners run
The Forex Majors
The $3.90 trillion break-down
The difference between FX and currency futures
New “Mini” Forex Accounts
Brokerages offering “Mini” FX accounts
Forex Basics — Easier Than You Think!
Buying and Selling Currencies
How Base Currencies Are Quoted
The Rollover Transaction
Forex Margin
How to Accelerate Your Forex Learning Curve
Strategy for Limiting Losses
The 80-20 Strategy
Don’t Listen to Losing Traders
The Price Action Strategy
Three ways to leverage price action and make money:
The Odds Strategy
Markets Discount Fundamentals
Why Trends Persist
The Importance of Human Nature
Closing thoughts
About Marc Charles
What People Saying About Marc Charles
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