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The Insider's Guide to FOREX Trading

The Insider's Guide to FOREX Trading

Kathy Lien

Run Time: 90 minutes. This is a video withan 82 page online manual included. Kathy Lien, Chief CurrencyStrategist at Forex Capital Markets, walks you through theadvantages this growing market brings and arms you with her yearsof expertise and successful strategies in this from-the-inside-outguide to FOREX trading.

You will get direct access to the tactics that provide thegreatest potential without paying the high price expensive researchtime and mistakes. Also, Lien outlines why short-term traders arewell suited for the foreign exchange markets and how the dataavailable for currencies makes it ideal for technical analysis.

With thorough research and real-world approaches Lien showsyou:

  • How FOREX can be traded for the long or short term and theadvantages of both approaches,
  • Detailed explanations of what drives the trends in FOREX,
  • The fundamental elements that influence FOREX and how tointerpret them,
  • Trading tactics unique to currencies that you can use to boostyour trading portfolio,
  • The four key rules to winning in FOREX.

See the advantages for yourself and get tactics you can use tolimit your risk and protect your trading profits. Don't go intocurrencies without the insight and perspective of an expert. Fromthe return boosting advantage of interest paid out on currencies tothe flexibility 24/7 markets offer, you'll be ready to use thetactics, tools and experience in this course to tap into the hugepotential forex trading offers.








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